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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Tackle Topics

spool 21. How to make Daiwa 21 Steez A TW HLC mild
 made in Japan 20. JDM and Made in Japan, hard to find?
Daiwa knob 19. Daiwa knob size chart
Karin knob 18. Shimano knob size chart
17. How to replace spool ball bearings
16. Modifying ABU Ambassadeur classic 1500-6500 modelsl
15. Bait casting reel tuning, tuning spool is the most effective
14. Handle knob compatibility Shimano and Daiwa
13. How to change handle knobs
12. How to read Japanese catalogs

Prepare before you are stunned by the Japanese letters on the catalogs.

11. Road to custom rods

Ultimate rod? Why you are satisfied with stock rods?

10. Where to visit in Tokyo?

Tackle shop directory in Tokyo Japan

9. Old style top-water bass fishing: Dowluck

Another bass fishing in Japan

8. Japanese Silk -fishing lines-

Study Japanese fishing lines.

7. Tighten-up Drag!

Let's upgrade weak "finesse" drag to Hyper drag

6. Which braided line?

What are the differences among available PE braided lines?

5. Drill spool 2 

Is SF reel of Shimano better than non-SF reel?

4. The most advanced brake system  

    Let's study the brake systems of casting reels. What is the best and why?

3. Drill spool 1

    How spools are different among US reels and Japan reels from Shimano. Is drilling spool effective?

2. Ultimately sensitive line system 

    New line system for ultimate sensitivity and resistance to abrasion using braid PE line (spectra, dyneema)

1. Maintain and fix reels by myself

    Is my reel working well compared to genuine status? How to figure out which ball bearing should be replaced? How to prevent troubles?

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