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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

How to order

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How to purchase from Japan Tackle?

1. Delivery area, address restrictions

2. How to place orders

3. Payment

4. Tax

5. Shipping fees

6. Warranty and Return Policy

7. Privacy Policy

1. Delivery area, address restrictions

We ship all around the world, everywhere anglers live.

Sorry, but we do not accept credit card orders from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, countries in Africa except South Africa. These areas are reported to be famous for payment frauds, and we may not accept credit card payments. For customers from these areas, please send payments through other payment methods.

2. How to place orders

Please order products using the shopping cart system with credit cards. The products with in stock indication will be shipped immediately. In Checkout, please input only ENGLISH letters, or your order details, address, and name will not be displayed correctly.

For other payment method rather than credit card, please email your order requests, and I will instruct you how to pay for the order by email.

3. Payments 

All prices are in the US$. We accept major credit cards through our shipping cart system. Paypal, and bank wire transfer will be also accepted otherthan the cart system by manual. Details are following.

– Credit cards: cards(Visa, Master, Amex)

Please use credit card through the online checkout system. The system is encrypted and secure. You might be forwarded to 3D Secure page sometimes, which is offered by the issuer of your credit card to verify passcode you've registered with the card.

For the first time shopping with us, we might require you to send a proof of you being the legitimate card holder. In the case, you might be asked to send a copy of your ID like driver's license or electric bill to show you live at the address.

We do not accept orders if any following,

  • Shipping address is totally different from billing address without a good reason
  • Billing address is not confirmed
  • Statement is requested, but not offered
  • Order is suspected to be fraud

 We'd like to keep offering credit card payment option to all customers, and your co-operation is appreciated. We are pretty much concerned about credit card frauds.

– Paypal: Please email your order requests to and I will tell you how much is the total. 3% additional fees will be added. Send the payment to

– Bank wire transfer: Please email your order requests to and I will tell you how much is the total. Please make transfer to the account below.

Beneficiary: Japan Tackle Co., Ltd.
Beneficiary Address: 12-74 Ohmaru, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0061 Japan
Account #: 360-6599244
Bank Name: Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation

4. Tax

– No tax at shopping: As long as you live outside Japan, no consumption tax will be charged here.

– Custom tax  Imports will be charged with custom tax, and please pay the tax when you receive your purchase. Tax rate varies country to country. 

In the USA, the tax rate is 5-6%, and handling fee of around $25 will be charged.

Canada, Australia, Italy, Brasil custom offices catche all packages passing the border for tax. Rate is Canada 10-30%, Australia 10-30%, Italy 30%, Brasil 30%. Clearing the custom office might take quite long for some countries, and please consult with Jun by email. We have good experience in shipping to those countries, and you will be good.

For your reference, tax is calculated by the declared value, and the value is also used as insurance value for the package.

Please ask further