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PE braid spectra
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PE braid spectra

PE polyethilene braided lines, Spectra, Dyneema are categorized into two, soft and hard body here. Soft body lines have very thin coatings on surface. They are more suitable to spinning reel outfits. Hard body lines have thick protection coatings on surface, and they are suitable to be fit on bait casting reels. Bare PE braided lines are very soft, and they have following traits, 0. very strong tensile strength, 1. weak abrasion resistance, 2. making backlash on bait casting reels, 3. dig-in at spools, 4. light weiht ratio, and 5. weak tie strength. They have some suaface coatings to add some abrasion resistance, but basically these lines should be used without contacting to anything. Tying mono-filament top shot is always necessary. The hybrid braids are to overcome some of the weaknesses by braiding mono-filament to the PE braids. Hard braids have hard resin coatings on their surface are to overcome as many weaknesses as possible, and to make them to be used with bait casting reels.

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