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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Repair Maintenance service

We have strong after services for Japan domestic model, JDM reels, because we believe great care is very important for our oversea customers. We help you in repairing reels purchased from us or somewhere else, as long as we may help. We have parts access from Shimano Japan, Daiwa Japan, Shimano North America, Daiwa US and ABU Sweden.

Limited life time warranty protects you like armor

JapanTackle offers limited life time warranty to the reels we sell, except for the reels with other warranty indicated. Under this warranty service, any reel problem caused by flaw or defection will be fixed for free of charge during the reels' life time. We consider 6 years from sale is the life time of a reel. We keep all records of sales since year 2002, and please contact us.

For reels sold not from, those purchased from other shops, eBay and etc, we do not offer warranty repair services. Please contact to the original Japanese retailer for warranty. JapanTackle may offer manufacturer's repair and overhaul services for those tackle for $20 additional fees, if the original seller is not helpful for you. I may also supply parts for those reels purchased from others for additional $5-10 parts handling fees. I have been offering equal services to both customers who have purchased from us and those not from us in the past, but recently I recevie too many inqueries from "not from us" and I decided to make things a litte more fair to "from us" customers. Effective April 1st, 2017. Please contact us for details. Email Jun 

Variety of repair services help you in many ways

Most mechanical parts are interchangeable between JDM and export models, and you may find a local tackle repairer to service your JDM reels. However, I know you want your reels serviced with original parts in the original color, at the highest repair quality level. I offer a few options for you and please contact us for these programs. I don't offer cleaning service for reels, sorry.

JapanTackle warranty service $0 free of charge for repair for the problem caused by flaw

JapanTackle offers limited life time warranty to the reels we sell, except for the reel with other warranty indicated. Under this warranty service, any reel problem caused by flaw or defection will be fixed for free of charge during the reels' life time, 6 years from sales. Shipping fees will be charged after 6 month from sales. This is definitely the limited benefit to the reels purchased from JapanTackle, and it will not be applied to the reels purchased from someone else, even if they are JDM.

JapanTackle keeps the right to determine whether warranty free repair will be applied to the reel with problem, based on our sales records and the manufacturer's maintenance reports. Please remember for the possibility of partial warranty, like partial discount of repair for the casuse not sure after detailed inspections.  

Installing tuning parts Free of charge I will install tuning parts purchased together with a fishing reel, or reel sent to me. I also assemble parts purchased together for you, like handle and knobs.
JapanTackle in-house repair Approx $60-80 basic fees plus parts cost Jun will take care of the reels in trouble, especially for old reels, for which parts supply is no longer available. I have a good history in repairing fishing reels, especially for bait casting reels. Compatible components will be used to fix. I will also accept tuned and modified reels, which manufacturers will not accpet for repair. I will swap the modified components to original components to have them serviced by the manufacturers if necessary. I will not service the reels to which manufacturer's service is available. $60 fee for freshwater spinning and bait casting reels, $80 for high-end spinning Stella, SW large spinning reels. I may not fix motor powered reels for which official parts supply has ended.
Shimano Japan/Daiwa Japan repair service

Approx. $35 basic fees plus parts cost

Under this Repair programs, you may specify the parts or functions to fix, and you may know how much it would cost. And other part will be left alone. You send-in your reels to JapanTackle in Japan, and we forward them to manufacturers for repair. Turn around time is about 6 weeks. Your local reel dealer like US Shimano may not service Japanese market models, JDM reels, and please contact us. I accept reels sold by someone else for this repair service for additional $20 handling fees.
Shimano Japan/Daiwa Japan Overhaul service Approx $40-45 basic fees plus parts cost You may expect the highest level of overhaul services through Shimano Japan and Daiwa Japan overhaul programs. The price is for freshwater spinning reels and freshwater bait casting reels. Regular overhaul course services major mechanical components and your reel will work like new again. Of course the broken part will be fixed, and parts with some damage to cause bad experiences like noise will be replaced as well. Technical staff in manufacturers will decide what to replace to make it work like new agian, and I strongly recommend this overhaul service if you will send-in your reels to Japan. Maximum total around $150 for a bait casting reel. For high-end spinning reels like Stella, basic fee will be around $50, and total max goes up to about $250 if gears are damaged. I accept reels sold by someone else for additional $20 handling fees. 
Shimano Japan/Daiwa Japan Extensive Overhaul service Approx $55 basic fees plus parts cost Extensive overhaul course services all moving components, including handle knobs. This service is for SW large saltwater spinning reels and motor powered reels. Maximum total service fee is around $250 for SW large spinning reels, $300-$450 for motor powered reels. For services exceeding these max will be notified for expected fees before it is done. I accept reels sold by someone else for additional $30 handling fees.
Parts supply  

We have good access to Shimano Japan, Daiwa Japan, and ABU Sweden/Japan. I may also obtain some parts from Shimano US, Daiwa US as well, but your local supplier or our contracted repair providers should be chosen for the purpose. Most exported Shimano and Daiwa has Japanese original models, and I supply the parts for the Japanese brothers. It will take about 2 weeks for manufacturers to deliver parts to me, and please wait accordingly. This will be the most inexpensive way to service your reel if you are good at servicing mechanicals.

Shimano stops supplying parts after 6 years after the end of sales for the model. Many models sell for 4 years, and then newer models replace. Therefore, Shimano no longer holds older than 10 year model normally.

Daiwa stops manufacturing repair parts after 6 years after the end of sales for the model. It supplies old parts as long as they are stocked. It starts to sell gears and other not-for-sale reel components to public from June 2023. It didn't sell gears of reels in the past. Good news.

For reels not sold from, I will charge $5-10 parts handling fee for parts supply per one model. This is because now I receive many parts orders from who I have not sold reels before, and I should be fair to customers who have purchased reels from us. Effective April 1st, 2017.

Contracted repair provider in north America  

Mike's Reel Repair: Attn Mike

This is the best place to find parts for export Shimano and export Daiwa. Please contact here if you know RD number or BNT number you want for your reel.

#108-31060 Peardonville Rd. Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6K5, CANADA

Toll Free: 1-888-404-1119

Contracted repair provider in north America   

Doug's Reel Repair

We accept Quantum, Lew's, Shimano, ABU Garcia, Daiwa, Flueger, Shakespeare, Penn, Okuma and more. We have serviced fishing reels and tackle since 1997.

P.O. Box 132 Huron Ohio 44839, U.S.A. 

 1-(330) 412-2320


Contracted repair provider in Spain  

Reel Healer Spain: Attn Mr. Gonzalo Gaston Pelaez

San Vicente 30, 46720 Villalonga, Valencia, Spain

Phone: +34-615-926-811


Contracted repair provider in Russia  

ProfTO: Attn Mr. Pavel Barkovskiy

tel: +7 961 687 3748 (Volgograd)
      +7 906 052 4848 (Moscow)

Contracted repair provider in Chile  

Doctor Reel (Chile)

Name: Jorge Tormo Sanchez

Adress: Las Veronicas 4561 Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile

Phone: +56 9 9884 1885


Contracted repair provider in Italy  

Marco Leo

mrc_leo_reel_overhauling (Instagram)

Adress: Sardinia Island (Italy)

Phone: +39 349 4620190 (WhatsApp) 


 REMEMBER: To minimize the maintenance cost and to have comfortable fishing experiences, please clean and lubricate your reels regularly. JDM reels are more delicate than export models, requiring more frequent services to maintain the superior performances.

WANTED: Reel repairers in USA, France, South America, Earstern Europe (Old Soviet area), Middle East wanted to work together. I want to reinforce service network of JapanTackle world wide. JapanTackle has a lot of customers in these areas, and want to offer better repair/maintenance service networks to anglers in the areas. You will be a contracted reel repairer of JapanTackle, and I will forward customers in the coutry to you. I also supply you Shimano, Daiwa and ABU parts readily available in Japan. Repairers with legitimate parts supply with your local Shimano, Daiwa and ABU only. Please reminded this is not exclusive contract for one country/area, and JapanTackle might list multiple contractors in a country/area if it is better for my customers. Please Email Jun if you have passions in reel repairing. Sincerely, Jun Sonoda