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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

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New Arrival

ge Tony Murrey Cod
Kay Blochwitz from Germany caught this 67-68cm Brown Trout with ABU Cardinal 3RD Tony from Australia caught 105cm Murray cod on supertuned Daiwa Zillion 100P crazy cranker
Red bream 5.5kg
Jun owner of JapanTackle caught 5.5kg 12lb red sea bream off Yokosuka Japan. Reel Shimano Force Master 401 motor powered, rod custom build, line YGK WX8 no2 30lb.
12 3
Danny from Somerville USA caught 11pound 6oz bass. Danny from Somerville USA caught 8pound bass on Shimano Antares DC and Platinum Diamond Grade rod.
Kenneth from U.S.A. caught 20lb Striped Bass with Shimano '15 TwinPower SW 4000XG. Evanthis from Cyprus caught big Bass with Rod. Majorcraft Skyroad 772M/W, Reel. Daiwa07Luvias 2500, Line. YGK Admix PE slow sinking 150m, No1.5

Niklaus from Canada caught Gar pike and big northern pike with Shimano Scorpion XT and Shimano Alderbaran Mg7.
Yeo from Singapore caught Peacock bass with Shimano 13Metamiun and Water Land Spin sonic.

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