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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Japan Tackle Photo Gallery Russia (2) 

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Alexey from Russia tuned Daiwa Ryoga 2020HL with Livre CBF  handle 85. Kirill from Russia caught 4.2 kg Pike at the river Gerasimovka with Major Craft Corkish CKC-702X and Daiwa Ryoga 2020HL.

Boris from Russia caught 7.8 kg Pike.
Viacheslav from Russia  caught fish in Eastern Finland, Saimaa lake with custom built casting rod 1.68m, 10-20gr
Daiwa Steez 100SHL reel with YGK 8braid line,
Megabass Live-X bait

Boris from Russia caught Pike. Ramil from Russia tuned Shimano Conquest with Avail handle and Avail knobs.