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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Tuning Parts

I deal a lot of tuning parts for fishing reels. And please find spools, handles, knobs, brake systems, ball bearings, and colored parts listed separately.
  • Ulucus Small A30

    Aluminum hollow knob. 30mm dia, 18g. Fitting: Shimano A Shimano 1000-3000 spinning and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya CI4+ Round handle knob L, Shimano B

    Ultra light weight 45mm dia large knob, 26g. Made of CI4+ engineering plastic to remove weight. Shimano B fitting. This knob is maily for multiply reels. Not for heavy use in jigging or offshore casting.

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  • Daiwa RCSB HLC1514 Hyper Long Cast spool

    Fits to Daiwa 15XX bait casters. Daiwa 15Zillion TW1516. It also fits to Daiwa Zillion TWS100 export reels. This spool is to cast the longest for heavier than 1/2oz rigs. The brake rotor spring is 4 times stronger than regular spools, making it emitting far less brake force than regular spools. G1 duralumin material is employed. Spool dia 36mm, weight g, 0.310mm(US12lb)-100m(110yds).

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  • Shimano Yumeya Handle Knob Rubber T M Type B 03375

    Flat knob for fast retrieve. Stock knob of 08-13Stella SW4000XG. 12g. Shimano B fitting. Stella SW4000-30000 and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Rubber T Power Handle Knob M 03585

    Ergonomic T shaped power grip for Shimano B. 70mm 34g. Fitting: Shimano B Fits to Shimano SW spinning 5000-30000, 11Ocea Jigger and etc.

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  • Avail Sway back star drag SD-EXDC for Shimano 12 Exsence DC

    Fitting: Shimano 12 Exsence DC, Bass One XT.


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  • Daiwa large knob 100mm sway back Black handle

    100mm light weight duralumin handle with large knobs for power cranking. Comes with retainer and screw. Fits to all Daiwa and ABU bait casters.*1 Handle frame is sway back and requires sway back star drag, or star will contact to the handle. You may change the knobs. 2 ball bearings installed (1 ball bearing per 1 knob)

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  • Daiwa EVA knob 100mm sway back handle Red

    100mm light weight duralumin handle with EVA knobs for power cranking. Comes with retainer and screw. Fits to all Daiwa and ABU bait casters.*1 Handle frame is sway back and requires sway back star drag, or star will contact to the handle.

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  • Daiwa Seaborg 75mm single power handle kit

    75mm long single power handle with 44mm dia large knob for Daiwa/ABU bait casters, and 00/15Shimano Conquest 300/400. 2 ball bearing installed. Fits to Right hand reels with 8mm shafts. Comes with a nut (R), retainer, and screw. Best for Millionaire 300, ABU 6500/6600 and Conquest 400. Colors match perfect with Gold of Conquest. Daiwa star wrench is required to turn nuts. For left hand reels, Daiwa Star Nut M8 Left is required.

    Accepts sway back star drag, and straight shaped star drags of up to 60mm diameter, fine for most ABU 1500-6600 and Daiwa.

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  • Daiwa Star Nut M8 Left

    Daiwa Star Nut Left thread for left hand models. M8. Fits to Daiwa/ABU M8 handle shafts.

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  • Shimano 12 Exsence DC spare spool  12 Exsence DC

    Shimano 12 Exsence DC right/ 13 Exsence DC left stock spool.

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  • Avail MT07 Spring

    This is the spring to fit Avail star to Shimano reels.

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  • Avail wood flat knob

    Avail hard wood flat knob, oil finish, 3g. Great for relatively small spinning reels 1000-2500. Fitting: Daiwa S, Shimano A.
    Comes with black knob cap. Avail GM knob cap fits.

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  • Avail handle washer for Off-set handle Daiwa 0.5mm

    0.5mm handle washer to adjust handle thickness for Avail Off-set handle to be fitted on Daiwa reels with handle screw model, like Steez, Zillion J-Dream, Zillion TW and etc. One washer is enough to adjust for Avail Off-set handle.

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  • Mike's Carbon fiber drag kit for ABU bait casters CBTX

    Ultra smooth woven carbon fiber drag washers. 4 drag washers. ABU ultra cast C3, C4, C5 4600, 5600, 6600 and etc.

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  • Mike's Ceramic ball hybrid bearing kit ABEC7, 3x10x4, 3x10x4

    ABEC7 class precision bearings with ceramic balls to accelarate fast. Suitable for long distance casting, and casting for light rigs.

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  • Spool bearing installation service

    This is the fee to install bearings onto spools. This service is only for customers who purchase bearing and spool together. Bearings on short shaft model, like Daiwa, Revo (except Gen 1 S and ST) requires to use pin remover, and this service is to do it for you. For long spool shaft reels like Shimanos, you don't have to replace the bearing on the shaft because it is not related to casting performances. It is to support shaft in case very large load is applied. For those reels please replace the two bearings at the both ends of spool shafts.

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  • Avail EVA knob  Most recommended knob for 90-100mm handles

    Relatively large, round shaped EVA knob. 27mm dia, 41mm length. 7g. Replaceable with Daiwa S, Shimano A knobs. Please purchase Avail GM knob caps sold separately.Scorpion DC


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  • Shimano Yumeya 16 Metnaium MGL Deep spool  16 Metanium MGL

    Shimano 16 Metanium MGL reels only. Not for 13 Metanium. 0.330mm(US14lb)-100m, holds about 20% more line than stock spool. 14.6g Casts great for heavier than 10g 3/8oz

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  • Avail Ultra Light Level Winder kit 2500C

    Ultra light wight 1.9g level winder kit for ABU Ambassadeur 1500C, 2500C and 3500C. Stock level winder is 6.0g. Replaces level winder (line guide) 10212 and 21896. Body is made of duralumin, and wire is made of titanium. Please use stock pawl.

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  • Avail Sway back star drag SD-MT07 for Shimano 00 Conquest, 07 Metanium MG and etc.

    Fitting: Shimano 00 Conquest100/200, 07 Metanium MG, 07 Core 50MG, 08 Metanium MGDC, *09Scorpion1500XT/Curado 200E, *10ScorpionXT1000/Curado, *09 Scorpion DC, *14 Brenious. Red, Purple, Sky Blue, Champaign Gold. For models with *, please purchase Avail MT07 Spring listed below. SD-MT07

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  • DRT Varial custom handles (without center nut)  Limited offer!

    Full machined heavy duty handles for big baits. DRT Handle center nut is not included, and please purchase at least one or you may not fit the handle to reels. Handle plate is quite thick 6mm at center to offer SOLID cranking. Stiff rubber knobs are large enough to grip firmly. Accept straight star up to 27mm radius, and sway back star drags. Made in Japan

    4 colors

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  • Daiwa SLPW 16 RCS 4000 spool  30% Off selling out!

    Daiwa 10Saltiga, 15Saltiga, 12Catalina, 16Catalina, 3500/4000 size. Drag max 10kg, Automatic Drag Line Capacity PEno3(0.300mm)-300m(330yrds)

    Regular Price: $170.00

    Special Price $119.00

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  • Daiwa SLPW 16 RCS 5000 spool  30% Off selling out!

    Daiwa 10Saltiga, 15Saltiga Expedition, 15Saltiga, 12Catalina, 16Catalina, 4500/5000/5500 size. Drag max 15kg, ATD(automatic tournament drag system) Line Capacity PEno5(0.40mm)-300m(330yrds)

    Regular Price: $190.00

    Special Price $133.00

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