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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Tuning Parts

I deal a lot of tuning parts for fishing reels. And please find spools, handles, knobs, brake systems, ball bearings, and colored parts listed separately.
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  • Daiwa SLP Works Tatula HLC spool D  Hyper Long Cast spool, 50% off

    Daiwa Tatula 100/103 reels, except CT, Tatula Elite or SVTW. This spool is to cast the longest for heavier than 1/2oz rigs. The brake rotor spring is 4 times stronger than regular spools, making it emitting far less brake than regular spools. G1 duralumin material is employed. Spool dia 34mm, 27mm wide, weight 16g, 16lb(0.330mm) -90m/100yds. Doesn't fit to Tatula 150 models.

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  • Avail Microcast AMB2560R finesse Deep spool with 4pt brake  Won 2012Casting World Championship

    ABU 2500C, 2501C, 2600C, 2601C Super light weight 5.7g(except brake holder), ESD extra strong duralumin spool 0.285mm-90yds/80m Casts great from 7g 4pt brake holder installed

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  • Daiwa SLP Works RCSB 1012 SV spools

    Daiwa T3(all models), Zillion1016TW, Steez1016TW, Ryoga1025, Pluton1025. Flat bottom, super light-weight spool to improve casting performance for wide range or weight. Extra strong duralumin spool. MAGFORCE-AIR brake. Casts great for heavier than 3g 1/8oz. 0.310mm(US10lb)-70m(80yds)

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  • Shimano 00Conquest CalcuttaTE200/201 6.5 high gear, 5.0 regular gear kit  Discontinued, stock only

    30% faster, 6.5:1 high gear kit, including every small parts needed to install the fast gear to Shimano TE200/201, TE-GT200/201, 00Conquest 200/201, 03/09/10 Conquest DC 200/201/250(all 5.0:1 gear ratio reels.) 00ConqFits to this 00Conquest reels.

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  • Avail Sway back star drag SD-ALD12A for Shimano 12, 15Aldebaran BFS XG

    Fitting: Shimano 2012 and 2015 Aldebaran BFS XG bait casters only. Black, Gunmetal, Red, Purple, Blue, Sky Blue, Gold, Pink. Not for 2016 Aldebaran BFS XG.


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  • Avail straight star drag SD-AB-KST for ABU

    Fits to ABU 1500-6600C, Morrun SX-High speed, SX MAG. Star arms are straight. Longer than original star of 1500-6500 regular models. 50mm dia.

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  • Avail retainer screw made of 64Titanium

    Retainer screw for Avail ESD handles. Made of 64 Titanium.


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  • Avail SVS 4 Puller white 2014-2015

    You may easily remove SVS infiniti 4 brake holder from Shimano spools with this tool. Brake blocks are red for this model. Shimano 14Scorpion 200, 14Chromarch Ci4+, 14Calcutta Conquest, 15Aldebaran, 15Curado 200, 15Curado 200i and etc, SVS 4pt Infinite model.

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  • Avail Microcast 14SCP2050R spool for Shimano Scorpion 200, Curado 200i  Curado 200i, Scorpion 200

    Ultra light tuning spool for 2014 Scorpion 200, Curado 200i, 15Curado 200 JDM, Citica 200. With this spool you may cast from 5g 3/16oz without effort. Please use SVS Infiniti brake holder from original spool, and Avail SVS puller 4 white, listed at the end of spool section, is helpful to remove SVS. Spool weight 9.9g(Scorpion genuine 14.2g) 0.31mm(US12lb)-90m(100yds)

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  • ABU 2 point brake 22567

    ABU 4000-6000 reels with Ultracast design. 6500CS, older 4600C3, 4600C4, 5600C3, 5600C4 and etc before around 2000. Has smaller shafts to accept 22565 bakelite brake blocks.

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  • ABU Garcia snap on cog 23404

    Regular cog wheel, ultra cast design ABU 4500-6600. How to change cogs.

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  • Avail Off-set handle ESD STi2, STi2.5 for Shimano 7mm

    Sway back, Extra Super Duralumin(ESD) handle frame fitting to almost all Shimano bait casters. It is very strong and super light weight. 85, 90, 95, 100, 105mm, weight 13.2g 100mm. Color: Champaign gold, gunmetal, black. Fits to: Shimano 50-250 reels. Sway back star drag is not needed to fit this handle. Please purchase additional 0.5mm washer for following models to adjust gap between star and handle. It is listed at the end of this handle listing. Accept both Daiwa S and Shimano A knobs. 85mm and 90mm are STi2.5 with light-weight duralumin knob shafts. 95-105mm handles are Sti2 with sturdy titanium knob shafts. Retainer washer in the same color as handle frame and screws included.

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  • Avail handle washer for ESD STi2 for Shimano

    0.5mm handle washer to adjust gap between handle and star drag, for Shimano. To install Avail ESD STi2 handle.

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  • Livre Crank 100 Daiwa handle  It would take about a week to be ready.

    100mm long power handle with power knobs. Swept, machined aluminum frame, titanium knobs All Daiwa and ABU bait casters.*1 No sway back star drag needed. Please specify right, left or SCR. For Daiwa reels with handle locking screw, instead of nut, should choose SCR. For Ex., Ryoga, Z, Zillion special models, Steez, Zillion TW and etc. Suitable for Daiwa 300-ABU6500 sized reels.

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  • Daiwa SLPW Aluminum T shaped Knob (Daiwa L fitting)

    Machined from solid aluminum bar. Best suitable for offshore jigging. 76g Fitting: Daiwa L Saltiga 4500-6500 and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Aluminum Round Power Knob A (Shimano A fitting)

    Light weight aluminum knob. S size 33.5mm dia 19g M size 39mm dia 25g Fitting: Shimano A Fits to Shimano spinning 1000-4000, All bait casters in 50-400 size.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Aluminum Round Power Knob B (Shimano B fitting)

    Light weight aluminum knob. M size 39mm dia 26g L size 45mm dia 32g Fitting: Shimano B Fits to Shimano SW spinning 4000-30000 and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Knob EVA Power Round M (02635)

    Super light weight EVA knob 37mm dia, 11g. Fitting: Shimano A Fits to Shimano spinning 1000-4000, All bait casters in 50-400 size.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Knob EVA Power Round L (Shimano B fitting)

    Light weight EVA knob 46mm dia, 18g. Fitting: Shimano B Fits to Shimano SW spinning 4000-30000 and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Alumi Round Knob B, Black/Gold L (Shimano B fitting 26293)

    Light weight machined aluminum knob 45mm dia, 32g. Fitting: Shimano B Fits to Shimano SW spinning 4000-30000 and etc.

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  • Shimano Yumeya Alumi Round Knob A, Black/Gold M (Shimano A fitting 26279)

    Light weight machined aluminum knob 39mm dia, 25g. Fitting: Shimano A Fits to Shimano spinning 1000-4000 and etc.

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  • Avail spool BRN1448R + 4pt brake holder, Red  14 Brenious

    Shimano 14 Brenious 

    4.8mm shallow spool, 8.6g. Fine to cast from 3g. 0.285mm-70m

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  • Daiwa Zillion PE special 7.9R Spool Red

    Daiwa 08TD-Zillion, 09/12TD-Zillion PE Special, 04TD-Z100 US Trail, 05TD-Z BBS, 21 Steez A HLC
    Flat bottom shallow spool to improve casting distance by about 20%. Super Light weight 13.8g. 0.310mm(US12lb)-100m(110yds). Magforce-Z brake. This is the spool to improve 09Zillion reels in casting light rigs of 1/4-3/8oz. Zillion stock spool weight 21g.

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