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Triple hooks
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Triple hooks

Owner Cultiva series triple hooks are the best game fishing hooks available today in Japan. Points are very sharp hook wires are well heat treated to stand for extra load. TN coating is really salt resistant. Made in Japan.

Series Wire thickness      Coating      Target fish size      Recommended  line/ lb-test
ST-11 Ultra Fine up to 1 kg fish 1-4lb mono
ST-1.56 Super fine up to 1.5 kg fish 2-6lb mono
ST-26TN Fine Tin coat up to 2 kg fish 3-8lb mono
ST-36TN Regular Tin coat up to 3-5 kg fish 4-20lb mono 10-20lb braid
ST-36BC Regular Gun Black coating up to 3-5 kg fish 4-20lb mono 10-20lb braid
ST-46 Medium Heavy  Tin coat up to 10kg fish 20-30lb braided
ST-47TG Medium Heavy  Ttanium Gold coat up to 10kg fish 20-30lb braided
ST-56, STX-58 Heavy Tin coat up to 15kg fish 30-50lb braided
ST-66, STX-68 Extra Heavy Tin coat up to 30kg fish 40-80lb braided
ST-76 Ultra Heavy Tin coat GT, Tuna 60-100lb braided

Jun's  comments: I have trusted Cultiva triple hooks, and they never failed me. I've used Gamakatsu, Eagle Craw and other famous brands for years, and ended  to Cultiva ST series for treble hooks.

Please consider  the balance between lines, rod power, and hook wire thickness.  Thicker wire hooks stand for  larger thrust from fish, but requires more force to penetrate jaws. I give you  recommendations for your reference, and please refer to them in choosing.

How about choosing a little thinner wire hooks, if you experience hook offs sometimes. I often see anglers choose hooks just because they are very sturdy, but those hooks tend to be too thick to penetrate jaws. Thinner, sharper hooks may penetrate jaws with the same hooking power. I mainly use ST-36 and 46/47 size #1 and #1/0 hooks for Mahi growing up to 15kg here in Japan. Matched line is 30lb braided and 30-60lb mono leader. ST-36 may be a little too thin, but I have rarely lost fish due to hook wire bent open. I often change those thin wired hooks after I see wires are slightly open or bent.

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