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Alexey from Russia caught brown trount in Sweden with Shimano Metanium Mg7L + Livre handle + Avail spool. Line was Varivas Supertrout Advance, 16 lb. The spoon is Ito Craft Emishi Alexey and his friend caught brown trout with Shimano Conquest 51+ Livre handle + Avail spool. Line was Varivas SUPER TROUT Advantage Big Trout 10lb. The spinners were Mepps Aglia, 3.3 g. The rod: Vagabond A/P 115 XX 461.
Alexey from Russia had a fishing trip to northern Finland. Abu 1500 iA reel, St.Croix WS86 MF2 rod, Sunline Trout monofil line -0,245mm, Coatac spoon 5 g. Alexandr is from Moscow Russia caught 3kg  Walleye
with Shimano Antares line 0.28(monofil) and Rapala Jigging Rap ??7.
Alexey from Russia caught Zander in Rybinskoye Lake with Daiwa Certate  reel. Alexey and his wife  from Russia caught Pikes in Finland with Smith Bunsuilay rod, Daiwa Certate reel.