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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

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Jun Sonoda who is the owner of JapanTackle caught 115cm Mahi off Sagami bay, near Tokyo.
Rod: Jun custom 6'6"
Line: YGK Castman #2-33lb
Leader: 30lb nylon
Lure: Jun custom pencil bait 160mm 32g 1-1/8oz.
SIG, owner of SIG Grip business, catches a Mahi (Dorado), 113cm, 8kg, Rod:Daiko CR-V, Reel:Shimano TwinPower 5000HG, Line:YGK 33lb braided, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, lure: Tiemco Red Pepper Magnum 140mm floating 35g "He was a great jumper, he jumped around the boat, and it was fun to fight with the light tackle. "

Gentaro from Japan caught 4.51 lb Bass in Arizona, U.S.A.                    Reel : Daiwa T3 Air 8.6L                   Rod : Daiwa battler limited 661MH. Line : Vanish UltraFluorocarbon 8lb  Lures : Pros factory rubber jig 2.7g.