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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Old style topwater fishing: DOWLUCK (PG-13)

There are many anglers fish in old style with old ABU, glass rod with champion grip, and big 5/8oz topwater plugs. They fish just for fun, and show off how they catch with the big plugs. Here I introduce one of the high-end old style tackle offered by Dowluck.

It has beautiful custom glass rods. Some have spiral guide settings. Here you'll see a lot of great paintings on blanks.

Cherry blossomFlowing gold fogGold flakesGold foils simple yellow

The grips matching to those poles are also great. Dowluck has simple champion style grips, but here you see its high-end, ERO-grips. The reel seats somewhat look like you (men) love. Also trigger, grip end and foregrip look like you (men) have.

 Nice reel seat, , , Wooden grips are painted with natural lacquer. The dragon is engraved and them painted.


Such topwater anglers only use "vintage" or big plugs, in 5/8-1oz. Dowluck also offers interesting wooden lures. They are not in real looking paints, but great for collection. Stripe and marble colored paints are once painted with many layers of paints on rough body, and then sanded and polished to flat it out. The layers of paints surface by flatting the surface.

Tiger, ,

again, , ,

   Fishermen, please leave any comments, tuning results, or anything. Your inputs are your and our assets. If we share more info, we will be better anglers and wiser consumer.

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