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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Tackle shops in Tokyo.

This is a simple guide for anglers who have a chance to visit Tokyo, and want to visit tackle shops in Japan.

I grew up in Tokyo area and my knowledge is limited to Tokyo. There are several nice fishing tackle shops in Tokyo. They carry wide range of products, and I am listing some for you. Shibuya (JR Yamate line, with light green line on the train body) is the best place to visit tackle shops. These shops are located in three different directions from Shibuya station, and each is about 5-7 min walk away from station.

1. Sansui Shibuya, 03-3400-3698 The best tackle shop in terms of selection for western style game fishing. Take Meiji Streel to east about 1/4 mile from Shibuya Station by walk, you'll see 2 Sansui shops on the right. One is for freshwater fishing (bass and trout), and the other is for saltwater game fishing and fly fishing. Sansui carries the most quality tackle in Japan, and the clerks are quite knowledgeable. Their selections include high-end and hard-to locate boutique products. google map

Sansui has two more tackle shops, one specialized in Japanese classic freshwater fishing, and the other is specialized in saltwater boat fishing with natural bait. They are located side by side google map

2. Joshuya Shibuya East 03-3486-2605. Joshuya is chain tackle shops, and has hundreds of shops in Tokyo area, but selection is okay. You may find mid-low price range products there. Clerks do not know well about details of tackle.  google map

3. Tackle Berry Shibuya 03-6455-2265, Tackle Berry is a relatively new tackle shop chain dealing with used tackle. It has about 100 shops in Japan, and one is in Shibuya. google map

4. Sango-do, tackle shop specialized in boat fishing for big ones with natural baits. This shop is just behind Joshuya Shibuya East. google map

Sorry but the map used to be here is now outdated and removed. Please use the google maps above.

Other interesting things to see.

Roppongi town One of very famous night spots. The city never sleeps. You can stay all night drinking, dancing or whatever at any town in Tokyo, like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, and Roppongi is the best. Don't be fooled by catchers. They will bill you a lot for a glass of drink while you are sitting with charming ladies. Bars and dancing clubs are safe.

Metropolitan Hwy: From mid-night to early in morning the winding narrow pay road makes very demanding race way. The reality is more exiting than what you see in movie "Fast and Furious," or TV game "Shutoko Battle" on Play Station.

Turbo charged hot machines and super non-charged light weight machines get crazy on the hwy. Nisssan Skyline GT-R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Matsuda RX-7, Toyota Supura, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini Diablo, and etc race through the roller-coaster circle track. The hwy is connected as web, and you can make 5-20mile circuits depending which way you take. The Bay Area section has a few very beautiful bridges, which are lighten-up at night in blue, green or rainbow color. Therefore, it is very good for dating, but after mid-night, especially on weekends, it turns to a race way for high-speed racers, challenging over 330km/h or 200mile/h. You may see those souped-up machines at Daikoku parking lot near Yokohama. Drivers spend chatting and discussing tuning to kill time till traffic get scares in early mornings. Once you've been passed by a car at +250km/h or 160mile/h, while you are driving at around 120km/h or 70mile/h, you'll surely fall in love with those monsters. Ask your friend or whoever who can drive to take you out to the Hwy at night.

Safety tips: please stay the lane you drive, when you notice fast racers on the back mirror. Please do not change lanes, and they will pass you safely. Don't chase them even if you are very good at doing it. There are several speeding cameras on the Hwy, and you'll get fined unless you know all of them on your way. Shutoko Battle for Play Station imitates the Hwy very well, and I recommend you to get yourself accustomed to the track before you drive it. Actual track is much narrow than the video game. Under covers are also patrolling. Most of them are Toyota Crown in silver or white, with black windows.

Somewhere in bay yard: Illegal drift meetings are held weekends night-morning somewhere in bay area around industrial sections. You may enjoy the real street drift performances and the chase by police cars. Police keep patrolling to wipe out the meetings, and meetings are held sporadically. Yokohama Nambu-shijo area, Ooi wharf area were famous. You may easily spot the place when you find such cars driving together toward industrial sections.


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