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Modification, tuning up: Spools

Basics: Lighter the spool, the better casting performance you get.

What is the casting performance?

Here I define casting performance as the "ability that you may cast long, without educated thumb."

And, tuning up spools sold are mostly to upgrade the ability defined above, by both reducing weight of spool, as well as limiting the line capacity. Why? Both are to reduce weight of spool in casting. AND, by reducing the weight, you may significantly upgrade casting performance.

There are two keys, that lighter spools accelerate faster, and also that you'll need less brake force to control lighter spools.  As you may imagine, with the spools accelerating faster, rigs accelerate faster to cast longer. Then, you'll need to control fast spool speed to prevent birds nest, and you'll need larger brake force. With the lighter spool, you'll need less brake force to control it. With less brake force needed to control, your rig will receive less excess brake force in casting, to cast longer.

Tune-up products:

Shallow spool is to reduce weight from lines. Lines weigh relatively heavy, and reducing it is very effective in upgrading performance. Some Japan version models have shallower spools, and you may upgrade performance by installing the shallower version spools to your reel. Please note the line capacity will be limited for the shallow spools.

Model Spool weight with full of nylon line spool weight line weight (capacity)
Shimano Metanium MG/ Core 100MG original spool 18.8g 10.0g 8.8g (0.285mm-120m)
Shimano BFS 34mm spool 12.0g 9.3g 3.7g (0.235mm-75m)

*weight of nylon line, 2.44g/1gou/100m

By reducing the spool total weight by 30%, you may add casting distance by about 10-30% for about 7-15g rigs.

Here is the effectiveness list of tunings for bait casters.

Tuning menu Effectiveness for spool free reel Effectiveness for engaged level winder reels Comments
Tuning spool reducing spool total weight by 20% 10 5-10 The most effective tune up
Ball bearing level winder, 2 ball bearing for ABU - 10 Removing the major friction from level winder is essential
Ball bearing level winder, 1 ball bearing for ABU - 7-8 Removing the major friction from level winder is essential
Ball bearing cog wheel - 2-3 Removing the friction from level winder is additional
ABEC5,7 or SIC bearings for spool 2-3 2-4 Japan model reels already have high quality bearings, and upgrade is limited
Lighter aftermarket oil for spool bearings 2-4 2-5 More frequent maintenance will be required
Magnet brake system (5) (5-8) You may obtain a different brake profile, with more brake force at latter half of casting, but may not add casting distance easily.


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