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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Daiwa Knob chart

There are two knob sizes for Daiwa reels, Daiwa S and Daiwa L. Most bait casting reels and spinning reels in the size of 1000-3000 have Daiwa S. Large conventional reels and large off-shore spinning reels have Daiwa L.

DaiwaS          Daiwa L

  Japan Model U.S. Export Model Knob Size
Bait casing, multiply reels Daiwa Z 2020 Z S
Zillion TW (all model years), like 1516, 1016SV, HD1520, HLC1514 CT, CT Type-R and etc Zillion TWS S
Ryoga Pluton S
Tatula TW (all model years), T3 series Tatula TW, T3 S
Team Daiwa Zillion 2008-2012 model Zillion S
PX68, Pixy, Presso   S
Alphas series Sol S
TD-Z, X, S,TD-ito TD-Z, X, S S
Steez Steez S
Millionaire CV-Z, X, SF, ICV Millionaire CV-Z, X, Luna S
  Fuego S
Tounament Ishidai Z Sealine L
Saltiga Z20-50, Catalina Saltiga Z20-50 L
Seaborg (motor powered)   L
Leobritz 270-750 (motor powered)   L
Leobritz 150 (motor powered)   S
Regular Spinning reels Exist, Exist Steez custom  Steez S
Certate series (all year, models, Hyper, HD and etc) 1000-4000 Certate S
Luvias (all year models) Fuego S
Bradia   S
Freams   S
Caldia Capricorn S
Caldia KIX   S
Freams KIX   S
Morethan   S
Emeraldas   S
Presso, Gekkabijin   S

Off-shore, large

spool spinning

12 Catalina 3500, 4000, 4020   S
12 Catalina 4500, 5000, 6500   L
10, 15 Saltiga 3500 4000   S
10,15 Saltiga 4500-5000   L
04 Saltiga Z 4000-6500 Saltiga Z L
06 Saltiga Blast, 06Catalina 4000/4500 06Catalina w/ gold spool L
Seagate 4000-4500   L
Seagate Light 3500-4000   S
Phantom J 4000-4500   L
Phantom J Light 3500-4000   S
Tournament Surf Z45, 35, Cast'izm   S
Surf Basia 35   S
Tournament Surf Basia 45QD, QD2   L
Tidesurf QD   L
Tournament ISO ENTO 4500-5000   S
Tournament ISO ENTO 5500-6000   L
Tournament ISO Z series   S


S: Ball bearing size 4mm(inner) x 7mm(outer) x 2.5mm(thckness)

L: Ball bearing size 5mm(inner) x 8mm(outer) x 2.5mm(thckness)

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