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How to change bearings on spools

Here I explain how to use Pin Remover to change the bearings installed on the spool.

1. Pin is holding the bearing on the spool shaft.

Please set the pin remover on the spool as you may see logos on the remover is facing you, and screw in the cross wrench with dent head to fit the pin. You might be better to guard the spool edge with some tapes where the cross wrench bar contact.

2. Please apply dent head of the cross wrench to push the pin slowly. It might be stiff for new pins. Stop pushing just before the push bar contact to spool shaft.

Please do not push pins hard, if it is quite stiff. The pin might be tapered and you might be pushing from wrong way. 

3. Change the cross wrench to thin rod side and push the pin again till it comes off.

Now you may remove the bearing on the spool.

     bearing pin1 pin2
4. Set new bearing, and the pin 5. Apply the dent head to the pin and slowly push it. 6. Pin should be set evenly to the shaft.
pin3 Pin4 Pin5

Warning! For some models (ABU, Flueger) tapered pins are used. In this case, please make sure you push the pin from smaller side. Daiwa and Shimano use flat pins, and you may push by either way.