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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.
Handles, casting reels
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Handles, casting reels

  • DRT Varial custom handle 87mm (without center nut)  Limited offer!

    DRT Varial handles are full machined heavy duty handles for big baits. Handle plate is quite thick 6mm at center to offer SOLID cranking. Stiff rubber knobs are large enough to grip firmly. Accept straight star up to 27mm radius, and sway back star drags. DRT Handle center nut is not included, and please purchase at least one or you may not fit the handle to reels. DRT replacement flat knob rubber is fitting to this 87mm handle. Made in Japan

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  • Daiwa Star Nut M8 Left

    Daiwa Star Nut Left thread for left hand models. M8. Fits to Daiwa/ABU M8 handle shafts.

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  • Daiwa EVA knob 100mm sway back handle Red

    100mm light weight duralumin handle with EVA knobs for power cranking. Comes with retainer and screw. Fits to all Daiwa and ABU bait casters.*1 Handle frame is sway back and requires sway back star drag, or star will contact to the handle.

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  • Daiwa ESD 100mm Crank handle Arm

    Heavy duty handle arm made of air craft duralumin. Fits to reels with sway back star drag. Daiwa Zillion TW, Steez, and etc. Comes with 4 CRBB ball bearings $52 value. Accept Daiwa S knobs.

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