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Tuning spools for Shimano reels

With these shallow spools, you may cast with far less weight without effort. The total weight of spool with line is significantly reduced, and they accelerate easily with light rigs. You'll be amazed how the tuned reel casts. In choosing shallow spools, please consider the balance between line capacity and casting ability for light rigs.
Spool weight and approx least casting weight: 15g spool (most Shimano stock spool) 7g rig, 12g spool 5g, 10g spool 4g , 9g spool 3.5g, 8g spool 3.0g, 7g spool 2.5g, 6g spool 2.0g

  • Avail Microcast Spool BTM2039R  Old Bantam 200

    Old Shimano Bantam 200, 200SG, 20SG and etc, only for centrifugal brake models. 0.28mm-70m/80yds 11.5g (stock 22g), improve casting performances, great from 5g to cast.

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  • Avail New SVS Infinity Puller 2016 with red ring

    You may easily remove New SVS Infinity brake holder from Shimano spools with this tool. Fitting to Shimano New SVS Infinity with white brake blocks, later than 2016 models of Shimano. 16Metanium MGL, 16Scorpion70, 17ChronarchMGL, 18AldebaranMGL, 18Bnatam MGL and etc.

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  • Avail SVS 6 Puller black 2012-2013

    You may easily remove SVS infiniti 6 brake holder from Shimano spools with this tool. Shimano 12Antares, 13Metanium

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  • Avail SVS 4 Puller white 2014-2015

    You may easily remove SVS infiniti 4 brake holder from Shimano spools with this tool. Brake blocks are red for this model. Shimano 14Scorpion 200, 14Chromarch Ci4+, 14Calcutta Conquest, 15Aldebaran, 15Curado 200, 15Curado 200i and etc, SVS 4pt Infinite model.

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