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Tuning Spools for ABU reels

With these shallow spools, the total weight of spool with line is significantly reduced, and they accelerate easily with light rigs without effort. This is why shallow tuning spools are chosen for finesse tactics. You'll be amazed how the tuned reel cast. In choosing shallow spools, please consider the balance between line capacity and casting ability for light rigs. Spool weight and approx least casting weight: 12g spool 5g, 10g spool 4g , 9g spool 3.5g, 8g spool 3.0g, 7g spool 2.5g, 6g spool 2.0g. Please read this article to upgrade ABU classic reels

How to change cog wheel.

For ABU Revo reels, please take a look at this fitting chart. When you have a question, please Email Jun

  • Spool bearing installation service

    This is the fee to install bearings onto spools. This service is only for customers who purchase bearing and spool together. Bearings on short shaft model, like Daiwa, Revo (except Gen 1 S and ST) requires to use pin remover, and this service is to do it for you. For long spool shaft reels like Shimanos, you don't have to replace the bearing on the shaft because it is not related to casting performances. It is to support shaft in case very large load is applied. For those reels please replace the two bearings at the both ends of spool shafts.

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