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Spools, casting reels
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Spools, casting reels

  • Daiwa SLPW RCSB HLC1514 G1 Hyper Long Cast spool

    Fits to Daiwa 15XX bait casters, including Daiwa 15Zillion TW1516. It also fits to Daiwa Zillion TWS100 export reels. This spool is to cast the longest for heavier than 1/2oz rigs. The brake rotor spring is 4 times stronger than regular spools, making it emitting far less brake force than regular spools. G1 duralumin material is employed. Spool dia 36mm, weight 14g, 0.310mm(US12lb)-100m(110yds).


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  • Spool bearing installation service

    This is the fee to install bearings onto spools. This service is only for customers who purchase bearing and spool together. Bearings on short shaft model, like Daiwa, Revo (except Gen 1 S and ST) requires to use pin remover, and this service is to do it for you. For long spool shaft reels like Shimanos, you don't have to replace the bearing on the shaft because it is not related to casting performances. It is to support shaft in case very large load is applied. For those reels please replace the two bearings at the both ends of spool shafts.

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  • Avail Microcast AMB2560R finesse Deep spool with 4pt brake  Won 2012Casting World Championship

    ABU 2500C, 2501C, 2600C, 2601C Super light weight 5.7g(except brake holder), ESD extra strong duralumin spool 0.285mm-90yds/80m Casts great from 7g 4pt brake holder installed

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  • Daiwa SLP Works RCSB 1012 SV spools

    Daiwa T3(all models), Zillion1016TW, Steez1016TW, Ryoga1025, Pluton1025. Flat bottom, super light-weight spool to improve casting performance for wide range or weight. Extra strong duralumin spool. MAGFORCE-AIR brake. Casts great for heavier than 3g 1/8oz. 0.310mm(US10lb)-70m(80yds)

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  • Avail SVS 4 Puller white 2014-2015

    You may easily remove SVS infiniti 4 brake holder from Shimano spools with this tool. Brake blocks are red for this model. Shimano 14Scorpion 200, 14Chromarch Ci4+, 14Calcutta Conquest, 15Aldebaran, 15Curado 200, 15Curado 200i and etc, SVS 4pt Infinite model.

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  • Avail Microcast 14SCP2050R spool for Shimano Scorpion 200, Curado 200i  Curado 200i, Scorpion 200

    Ultra light tuning spool for 2014 Scorpion 200, Curado 200i, 15Curado 200 JDM, Citica 200. With this spool you may cast from 5g 3/16oz without effort. Please use SVS Infiniti brake holder from original spool, and Avail SVS puller 4 white, listed at the end of spool section, is helpful to remove SVS. Spool weight 9.9g(Scorpion genuine 14.2g) 0.31mm(US12lb)-90m(100yds)

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  • Daiwa Zillion PE special 7.9R Spool Red

    Daiwa 08TD-Zillion, 09/12TD-Zillion PE Special, 04TD-Z100 US Trail, 05TD-Z BBS, 21 Steez A HLC
    Flat bottom shallow spool to improve casting distance by about 20%. Super Light weight 13.8g. 0.310mm(US12lb)-100m(110yds). Magforce-Z brake. This is the spool to improve 09Zillion reels in casting light rigs of 1/4-3/8oz. Zillion stock spool weight 21g.

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  • Daiwa Zillion HLC spool spring

    Fits to Daiwa 08Zillion, 09Zillion PE special and etc with Magforce Z brake system. This is the strong rotor spring employed to 09Zillion HLC hyper long cast reel spools. It is 4 times stronger than stock 08Zillion spools. With this HLC spring, spool will spin at twice the speed as stock spools at maximum, to cast 80-100yds with 1/2-1oz rigs.


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