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The report of the Japan Fishing Show 2019 in Yokohama, Japan

Jan 18- Jan 20, 2019, Yokohama, Japan

Reporter: Jun Sonoda

I am reporting Japan Fishing Show 2019, mainly with new fishing reels. I visited the show on Jan. 18 at dealer session before puplic are pouring in.



Japan Fishing Show hosts more than 200 boothes at Convention Center in Pacifico Yokohama, on port side area. Premise is 20,000sqm wide. Almost all fishing tackle brands sold in Japan release their 2019 new products at the show. Participated brands are Shimano, Daiwa, ABU Garcia, Jackall, Ever Green, Rapala, Gamakatsu, Toray, Owner, Maru-kyu baits, Kureha Seaguar, and etc.

My major interests are into sport fishing tackle using artificial baits, like bass fishing in the USA, and mainly checked tackle in the range. Here we have very variety kind of sport fishing, and I assume about half of the show is for the fishing with artificial bait. The rest is for the fishing with dough baits and live baits.

Hera-buna traditional fresh-water fishing has been expanded to share about 1/10 of the total area. This kind of fishing is popular among elderly people.


Shimano Japan. It releases following new models this year. Stella SW, Vanquish, Antares(Calais), Scorpion 150, Conquest DC, SLX MGL, and etc.

2019 New Stella SW8000-14000 boasts to have 30% more cranking power, by reducing friction and power loss when line is pulled with load. Stella SW has been the most advanced spinning reels to have great cranking power, and I can't wait to use a 2019 New Stella SW for offshore fishing.

2019 New Vanquish, ultra light weight spinning  has longer and smaller-dia spools than previous models, in the same dimensions as Stellas. Because of the new spool dimensions, it may have smaller, lighter roters to reduce weight. Freshwater anglers for trout and bass will find them attractive.



This is the 2019 New Antares, high-end bait caster without DC. The last Antares was released in 2012, and 7 years has passed to see the new high-end model.

Tech guy tells me the key for the smoothness of Antares is that its micro-module gear is finer than micro-module gears on other Shimanos. Also, the body including side plates are made very solid to hold components square. I see that's why Antares has the ultra smooth gears.

The new Antares is to cast 5-28g regular baits the longest, and spool diameter is now smaller than previous 2012, or much older Antares reels, which were to cast 18g 5/8oz or heavier rigs the longst.


Yes, wine red Scorpion has come back!

Scorpion MGL's wine paint shines!

This is the Japan version Curado K, with shallower 150 MGL spools to be able to cast lighter rigs than Curado with 200 deep spools.

I fell in love with the color.


Shimano 2019 Conquest DC with IDC-5 digital brake system.

The new DC system has 3 Line modes ( Nylon, Fluorocarbon, PE braid) and one W, head wind mode to select. X extra long casting mode on previous DC system is not on this reel. And the W mode may be more practical than X.

Shimano SLX MGL is an inexpesive bait caster with SVS Infinity and MGL magnum light shallow spool.



Daiwa is here. The major release from Daiwa is CT SV. compact and tough, stress-free versatile. Steez CT SV, Alphas CT SV and Millionaire CT SV have compatible small 30mm dia shallow SV spools, to be able to cast under 5g easy.

This CT SV will serve both super finess using 6-8lb lines, and regular casting and pitching in short range.

Steez CT SV

Steez CT SV 700, with shallow, narrow 30mm dia CT SV spool. It is a very compact bait casting reel. 30% smaller spool than that of 1016 reel accelarate much faster, to be able to cast lighter rigs easy.

Alphas CT SV

Alphas CT SV, with the same spool as that of Steez CT SV. The orange rim at the spool edge is a spacer ring to fit 30mm spool to Alphas body, which originally had 32mm spools. This Alphas CT SV will be the best valued Daiwa bait caster for its casting performance and price.

Millionaire CT SV is released, with ESD, external adjusting brake system. It has passed more than 10 years since the last Millionaire were sold in Japan. The reel weighs only at 210g, as light as low profile body reels. Daiwa keeps its production of Alphas in Japan. This is a good news.


See his smile. He is proundly showing 2019 New Certate LT in dark blue and silver. New Certate has the taste of tough and solid, like that on the 2004 first Certate had. Now new model has more advanced mechanicals like Magseals, screw-in mono-coque body, Zaion rotor to make it much tougher and solider, but lighter. Spools are all changed to LT series to have longer, and smaller dia to reduce body weight.

Other boothes.


Jackall is one of the most active bass fishing bait brand in Japan. It celebrates its 20th anniversary in business this year.

Motor powered

These are motor powered reels to fish very deep like 300-500m, 1000-1600ft. Pulling power is more than you can hold easy, 60kgf. Daiwa, Shimano and Miya are the most popular here, and most reliable.


Hitman Lures booth. It has started selling metal jigs just recently to have such large booth,, but I am not much sure for its products or business.


Oh, North Fork by legend Mr. Gary Loomis blanks are exibited.

Tail walk

Tailwalk, a subsidiary of Fuji, rod guide manufacturer. The best rod exibition in 2019 Show.

The brand is offering wide variety of sport fishing rods, and specialized in saltwater light rig fishing for Aji, Mebaru and etc.

Cultural exibition.

Fish stamp

Fish stamp making. He is putting a piece of washi paper on his game, and spraying water to fit the pater. Then he will put inks with cloth wrapped ink ball. Then fine scale patterns will appear on pater.


Here is the original flounder and its stamp, just to be finished by writing eyes. Wow, this is great. I want to have mine.


Fish art

Here is another showing off products. They are made of FRP hollow grass fiber plastic. Mr. Tezuka has been in this business for more than 30 years. And he may build one from photos for you.

I found a chinese tuning parts seller with only one Chinese rep waiting. What guts he has! I will soon start dealing with him to upload his products.


This is a quite brief report for the show.

2019 new tackle are now ready to ship, and fish are waiting for you to be hooked up! Be prepared.

Keep casting, keep fishing.


Jun Sonoda/ Japan Tackle Ltd. Co.