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The report of the International Sport Fishing Show 2013 in Yokohama

March 23 - 25, 2013

Yokohama, Japan

Reporter: Jun Sonoda

  I am reporting the 2013 International Sport Fishing Show, held in Yokohama, Japan. The Yokohama shows are held in March to bring out the new tackle of this year to eastern Japan anglers. It is held 1 month after most new tackle are unveiled by another show at Osaka, western city in February, and I am informed, not in a hustle to scoop what is coming out.

  I found that freshwater bass fishing seems to regaining popularity, after long-term drought for the fishing for about 10 years. I saw many lectures hosted by professional bass anglers at many booths, and crowds gathered. The response of crowds seems calmed down and sophisticated. And I think it is quite healthy for the fishing as a life-long enjoyable hobby, as well for industry. Stable and steady growth should be pursued for industry.

  The largest difference from 5 years ago is the explosion of squid fishing from shore, "EGING." It is gaining popularity steadily, and now the tackle for the fishing takes up about 20-30% of tackle shop floor. Shimano and Daiwa offers spinning reels specified on the EGING, with shallow spool in the size of 2500. The squid fishing existed 10 years ago, but it was very minor by the time. Interestingly, its spread was by the effort of bass fishing industry. Bass fishing industry has experienced super boom at the end of '90s for a few years, when bass fishing was considered the coolest dating activity. I didn't know what could make the mistake, but it actually happened, and suddenly ended of course. After the boom, expanded industry had to face the disappeared market, and started to re-create similar booms in other sport fishing areas, like trout pond fishing, inshore sea bass fishing, and the EGING squid fishing. The expansion of the squid fishing is due to the continuous effort to spread it by tackle industry.

  Let me show you around, and the first booth is Jackall. It started to work with Shimano in producing bass fishing rods a couple of years ago, and the collaboration is going great. Its bait-finesse rods are well designed, and the result is also profiting Shimano to release attractive BFS model.

Jackall booth showing off the trophy of 2013 Bass Master Classic Championship by Mr. Cliff Pace, who used Jackall baits in the tournament.
Jackall bass tournament transporter. Modified FIAT GT? Wheel fender and side panels are made of carbon. I don't think we need this big mobile house in small Japan, but I like it. It is equipped with bed, toilet, small kitchen, rod stocker, and etc.

Shimano, whose business in 2012 was reported great for both fishing tackle and bicycle parts. 

Very popular Shimano's field tester, Mr. Murata passing out DVDs.
New Stella SW models are released, and super large 30000 model caught my eyes. It is astonishingly large. It is explained for 100kg black fin tunas, holds 20kg drag. Reels may be fine, but angler may not stand for the load.

It employs new oil seal system, which perfectly keeps bear box dry. Competition to Daiwa Mag-seal system is apparent, and it is very interesting.

This is the new 2013 Metanium which I want to see the most among Shimano tackle this year. It has huge gear box off set, to host over-sized master gears. It felt quite light, but maybe a bit too light. I prefer a bit heavy, solid feel. Maybe I am old-fashioned.

Daiwa's new SV series bait casters was my major purpose of visit. And SV are the reels must buy. I liked the policy to sell the tuning spool at the same time, and we may tune our reel to update.

T3 SV and Steez SV, both coming out in June 2013. They look gorgeous, and performs great for light rigs.
The SV spool will be also sold as tuning parts. And we may obtain the tuned performance to your T3 reels, Steez, TD-Z, TD-X, TD-S and etc. The SV spools have new system to pop-out rotor by the brake force itself, not by the centrifugal force of spool spin. The new system is first employed to T3 Air, and I should study the system.

He is the rep I asked to hold a Ryoga at 2010 show. Thank you again.

Lecture held by professional bass anglers at Daiwa booth. I saw many lecturers hosting professional bass anglers this year, maybe the most in recent years.

Is Megabass still innovative in its products? The unique tackle manufacturer deepened the relationships with Daiwa, and now it serve as reel tuner on one aspect. And a few new modified versions are on the show, but are they affordable and available? I want something unique and still available. Where is Megabass heading to?

Megabass, the champion of the last bass fishing boom in late '90s is now struggling, isn't it?
These models are to come in September 2013, at the end of fishing season. Why that late?

Lectures held by Meiho, plastic tackle case manufacturer.

Rapala is here.

Zeal optics polarized glasses new model ARMADA with carbon temples. It is super light, with adequate spring to hold. I love Zeal Optics titanium frame glasses with Talex polarized lens, and I have used it for about 10 years. I once replaced lens, and now still work great. This ARMADA will be my next purchase. Zeal is the best fishing glasses ever I purchased or tested, with super clear water vision and no head-ache.

YGK releases new braided lines with twice the abrasion resistance as previous models, and I can't wait. They are called Super Jigman X4, Super Jigman X8. Sunline releases new Shooter fluorocarbon lines and Defier new model lines. I finds a lot of new tackles there, but can't list all of them now, and please wait they are listed gradually on our web.

The economy of Japan has just started to recover to catch up the else of world, and hope we all have great businesses.

Wish you a wonderful fishing season.

Tight lines,

Jun Sonoda