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The report of the International Sport Fishing Show 2009 in Yokohama

Feb 13-15 2009

Yokohama, Japan

Reporter: Jun Sonoda, Kayo Sonoda

We are reporting the 2009 Tackle Show held in Yokohama, Japan. The tackle show is to unveil a lot of new tackle for the new season from giants like Shimano, Daiwa and ABU Garcia Japan, to hundreds of small tackle manufacturers.

 I was very worried about the effect of economical crisis deepening since last autumn on the fishing tackle industry. However, the show is still in full of energy to offer new products from one to another. And to my surprise, fishing tackle business is still doing good in Japan, manufacturers say. And to support the words, a series of new tackles are released mainly in the high-end lines.  Please check some of the new tackle caught my eyes.


Shimano booth Twin Power SW

Shimano has introduced new Stella SW in the last year, and it releases the second high-end model, Twin Power SW models. The price range of both reels are upgraded as well as their performances from former models. I ordered a Twin Power SW 6000HG for dolphin/tuna fishing. It has small light body with high speed and adequate drag capacity. 

Scorpion XT 1500 NEW Conquest DC201

Scorpion reels has come back. Scorpion XT 1500/1501 is the upgrade of Curado models, and the new model has super low profile wine-red body. It will make a great tackle for freshwater anglers. All new Conquest 201DC reels have lower sitting body and further advanced DC brake system.


Daiwa booth Zillion 7.3

Daiwa finally replaced Millionaire CV-Z model by Ryoga bait casting reels. The Ryoga 2020 model was a bit larger than expected, and it is surely a heavy duty reel. I confirmed its efficient gear system by the load-winding demonstration comparing to older Millionaire models. Its saltwater fishing version Ryoga C2020 PE with blue spool has much sturdier gears, and I drooled on its drag capacity 10kg. Zillion has 7.3 super high gear model in limited production.

Ryoga 2020 Ryoga C2020 saltwater version
Bradia 1503-4000 Seagate 3500-4500

Among spinning reels, Seagate middle sized models and Bradia, water downed Certate, are attractive. Bradia is priced about 30% off Certate, with almost the same performance. Seagate is positioned at middle priced affordable offshore reel.

ABU Garcia / Pure Fishing

ABU 2501C ABU 2501C

Have you ever seen a lefty ABU 2500C? Here is the first lefty in the 2500C line, Ambassadeur 2501C released this year. 2501C is released in two colors, red and black.

Morrum ZX1601BJ saltwater jigging version Morrum ZX1601 standard model

Morrum reels will be back with ZX new models. The Revo Elite Aurota is added to the Revo family as a limited offered product available only in Japan. The reel surface is titanium coated, and its rainbow hue was just wonderful. The color reminded me old Ryobi, Varius Spectra F200.

Revo Elite Aurora

Tackle business for bass fishing is very slow, about a third of the peak size in Japan, and it seems like the market attitude is like that of 80's. Instead, offshore fishing is gaining the popularity, with wide range of target, from saver fish to tuna. Motor powered tackle for deep sea fishing is also seeing new models very aggressively, and I assume the invention of PE braided line accelerated the large game offshore fishing.

Hope in 2009 all anglers around the world have great fan in fishing.

Best regards

Jun and Kayo Sonoda