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The report of the International Sport Fishing Show 2008 in Yokohama

Feb 8-11 2008

Yokohama, Japan

Reporter: Jun Sonoda, Kayo Sonoda

We are reporting the annual Tackle Show held in Yokohama, Japan. The tackle show is to unveil a lot of new tackle for the new season from hundreds of tackle manufacturers.

 The fishing tackle industry is still in healthy competition to develop better products. The tackle giant Shimano and Daiwa are aggressive to release new models to replace its older models, as well to release totally new models to expedite new fishing techniques. The significant change in this year is that smaller players are now vivid to offer interesting products based on its own technologies. Miyamae, a motor powered reel manufacturer holds large booth to propagate ultra deep fishing using the motor reels. To my pleasure, ABU Garcia has regained its confidence in ABU reels by the Revo reels, to join the performance tackle wars between Shimano and Daiwa. We might have to think about carrying the new ABU models. I love the ABU low profile reels of late 80's, like Ultra Mag Flipping, XLT-FL, 1021, 821, 521 and etc, and hope ABU keep its competitive edge this time.

Let me start introducing new tackle from Shimano.


Shimano is introducing new Stella SW, large offshore spinning reels this year, and crowds are surrounding the reels. The second line Twin Power reels are also released for 1000-4000 size. The larger Twin Power HG and PG models are still for sale.

Metanium MG with red spool and red spool holder Yumeya spools for Metanium MG

For bait casting reels, Metanium MG DC reels are the hottest. Advanced computer brake system I-DC4 with super light weight body make it the real arsenal. Shimano understands the importance of modification and it will release some color components for Metanium MG from Yumeya brand. The red spools and the spool holder will be for sale soon.


Daiwa is introducing quite a few new models, and Alphas R-edition may be the hottest. TD-Ignis, Zillion PE special and Aggrest are also the new tackle for this year. The 50th anniversary limited Exist 2506 reels are shinning gorgeous. Its spools are anodized machine-cut aluminum and I was just about to drool on it. Another 50th anniversary model, Millionaire ICV 100 reels caught my eyes. I noticed another limited model is sitting not to be found widely in the Daiwa booth. It reads Millionaire HL-SSS Ringa. It looks like the Carbon handle tune-up version of Daiwa Ringa, but not sure at this moment.

Exist 2506 50th Edition Millionaire ICV 100 Millionaire HL-SSS Ringa

ABU Garcia / Pure Fishing

ABU Carcia booth lists a lot of ABU Revo reels. By the performance seeking reels, I found classic Ambassadeur 1500C in sunset orange and burgandy. I am sure to order them to add to my 1500C 2500C collection. The burgandy 1500C was last sold in 1992. I hope ABU release the burgandy in 2500C again.


Jackall sets large glass tank to stock bass, to be used for products demonstration on this weekend. Its booth also hosts boat and Audi, maybe indicating it is in good business. We will keep updating our Jackall selections.


Miyamae is a famous motor powered reel manufacture, and its reels astonished me. The reel of the photo is weighing at 15kg, 33lb to spool 1600m of 50lb test lines. It is the reel to land black fin tuna 250kg in the photo. Miyamae is also releasing reels and terminal tackle to fish over 1000m depth, 3300ft. It takes about 15 min rig gets bottom, and about 30 min to wind it up. I am not sure I may wait that long, but I can imagine that nice fish are at the ocean bottom.

I didn't notice any significant trend in new tackle, which has been noticeable in the past few years. Lure manufacturers like Megabass, Jackall, Bassday, Tackle House and etc are all looks calm, as well as line manufacturers.

Hope in 2008 we assist anglers around the world with great fishing tackle, appropriate information and comfortable services.

Best regards

Jun and Kayo Sonoda