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How to modify Daiwa 2021 Steez A TW HLC reel to have milder brake

The reel is to cast the longest for small plastic rigs with 3/4oz or heavier sinkers.

Its brake is specifically tuned for the purpose to cast more than 100m, and this reel is surely Hyper Long Cast.

However, in other usages, the reel will not emit enough brake to cause huge backlash.

So, here is a direction of how to make the wild reel to a milder one.

Idea is that you pop-up the brake rotor a little by installing a washer under brake rotor post.

By doing this, brake rotor will be inserted between magnets on the side plate to have more brake force.


This is the 21 Steea A TW HLC spool. 

Boost springs

By removing the C clip holding the washer on the shaft, boost spring is poping up. Another spring is under the center silver holder. You remove all the springs, silver holder and purple rotor. Purple rotor is assembled with 2 wedges. They push to pop rotor in casting by centrifugal forces.


At the bottom of the rotor, please insert a plactic washer like the photo, 5.0mm hole 1mm thick, and it should be less than 1.5mm or you may not put back the whole system. By doing this, you kill the space of outer springs and brake rotor will be poped out by the thicness you insert.

There is a pin on the shaft to guide the silver holder. Please set angle of three points, pin ends and a notch of brake rotor and you put silver hodler and springs back. You'll surely need a fine tweezer to put back them in the correct position or you might think you need three hands. 


By installing 1.5mm washer, my Steez A TW HLC now works much better and I was able to cast 14g sinker plastic worm rigs with some comfort.

The spool still runs a little fast at the first half of casting, meaning it is still lacking some brake. I set brake at 6 and gained the most distance. At 4, spool runs too fast. I have killed the 1.5mm space already, and now have to think installing another washer just under the purple brake rotor. Modification continues. Jun, June 20, 2022