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Shimano knob chart

There are two knob sizes for Shimano reels, Shimano A and Shimano B. Most bait casting reels and spinning reels in the size of 1000-C5000 have Shimano A. Large conventional reels and large off-shore spinning reels in 3000-30000 have Shimano B. As you might have noticed, A and B are both used on 3000-5000 models, and you have to check the knob shaft dimensions to determine by removing knobs. It is known US Stella 3000 has B, but JP Stella 3000 has A. 

Shimano A       Shimano B

Shimano A: Ball bearing size Bottom and top 4mm(inner) x 7mm(outer) x 2.5mm(thickness)

Shimano B: Ball bearing size Bottom: 5mm(inner) x 9mm(outer) x 3mm(thickness)

                                                Top    : 4mm(inner) x 9mm(outer) x 4mm(thickness)

  Japan Model U.S. Export Model Knob Size
Casting reels Chronarch CI4   A
Stile   A
Grappler   A
Calcutta 50-400 (Conquest, original) Calcutta, CT, TE, D A
Antares Calais, DC A
Metanium Chronarch, Core A
Aldebaran Chronarch MG50 A
Scorpion (original, MG, XT) Curado 100-200 A
Cardiff   A
Speed master   A
Axis   A
11Ocea Calcutta   A
Engetsu   A
Curado 300 (H, TypeJ)   B
Jigger LD 2 speed   B
Dendo-maru, (Motor Powered)   B
Ocea Jigger (02, NR, EV)   None

Regular sized

Spinning reels

03, 07 10 13 18Stella1000-4000 (JP) Stella FA FI FE FD 1000-2500 A
  Stella FA, FD 3000, 4000 B
12, 16, 19Vanquish1000-4000   A
08, 11, 15, 20TwinPower1000-4000 Sustain FH FG FE 1000-2500 A
09, 06TwinPowerMg1000-4000   A
11, 08Biomaster1000-C5000 Stradic FJ, FI 1000-3000 A
06BiomasterMG1000-3000 Stradic FH A
08Biomaster L   A
09, 05Ultegra1000-C5000 Symetre FE A
10, 07Ultegra Advance1000-4000   A
Sephia, SS, Ci4   A
Complex   A
Exsence   A
Rarenium   A
Nasci   A

Off-shore, SW,

large spool spinning

AcerationSW3000-4000   A
13, 08Stella SW4000-30000   B
15, 09TwinPowerSW4000-14000   B
10BiomasterSW6000-8000  Stradic6000-8000 B
08,Biomaster6000-8000   B
14Spheros SW5000-8000   B
09Ultegra6000-8000   B
AcerationSW6000-8000   B
Super Aero (11, 09, 08)   C
Power Aero Friegen   B
Bull's Eye XT   B
Thunnus 4000-20000 43mm long shaft None
08Sustain FE 4000-8000   None
01StellaSW HG/PG 4000-20000   None
02TwinPower 4000HG/PG   None
98Stella H (4000-10000)   None
98TwinPower H (4000-8000)   None


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