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Shimano 18 Antares DC MD Monster Drive 2018-

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Shimano 18 Antares DC MD Monster Drive 2018- Only low profile DC in 200 size, price lowered

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Shimano's high-end low profiled bait caster, Antares DC is now tuned to catch monster fish, and named Monster Drive MD. The main target water is Amazon, where 5kg, 10kg and much larger freshwater monsters hide.
To maximize the chance to catch them, Antares DC MD has as fast gear as possible, tuned DC brake system to cast bulky swim baits far.
Its XB tuned 4x8 DC computer controled brake system at dial 5 to 8 emits flash brake to correct flying positions of bulky swimbaits to fly like rocket.
Drag is souped up to 6kg. Handle is enlonged to 90mm.

How to set Brake. 4 modes are under side cover, and please choose XB to utilize the advanced DC system to catch monsters. FL: fluorocarbon line mode, P: PE braided line mode, NM: Nylon monofilament mode, XB: Monster Drive mode. XB mode with dial 1-3 are to cast heavy rigs in slim shapes, like metal jigs and vibration baits. XB mode with dial 4-8 are to cast bulky baits the longest. At these modes, DC brake system emits instant flash brakes to spool to prevent baits turning in air, to stabilize the flying position of baits. Suitable baits for each dials are, 4:crank baits, 5: large cranks and swim baits, 6:big baits in bluegill shapes, 7:large spinner baits, 8:big crawler baits and Alabama rigs. As the dial number increase, the more brake force will be applied. Other FL, P and NM modes should be chosen to cast around 1/2-1oz regular bass rigs, and pick one to match the line material on the reel.
XB tuned 4x8 DC brake system with flash brake at 5-8 dial
Extra efficient X-SHIP gear system
Micro module gears
38mm dia, enlarged spools from original 16 Antares DC 37mm spools
Hagane alloy body
Sealed anti-rust ball bearings S-ARB
S3D balanced spool
Silent tune, pre-load spool spin system remove wobble from spool spin
Clicking star drag
Super free spool design
One touch removable side plate
Low sitting, small palming body
Fine for saltwater
Made in Japan

Availability: In stock

Model Gear Ratio Weight gram/oz Ball Bearings Drag capacity kg Retrieve/turn cm/inch Handle length mm Line Capacity Price Qty
Antares DC MD XG, Right 7.8:1 235g/8.4oz 10+1 6 93cm/36.6" 90 0.330mm(US14lb)-120m(130yds)

Antares DC MD XG, Left 7.8:1 235g/8.4oz 10+1 6 93cm/36.6" 90 0.330mm(US14lb)-120m(130yds)

Jun's comment: This is a fat boy to hold the max line among DC reels to cast the longest. Spool is 38mm dia, the largest of those of Antares brothers. Due to the large spool, the reel feels fat in my palm.