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YGK X-Braid Upgrade X8 All Green 300m

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YGK X-Braid Upgrade X8 All Green 300m The best braided line, non-tangle, durable, smooth without markings, price lowered Sep 26

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Upgrade X8 has the most advanced material braided by the most advanced technology to offer great line. And, YGK explains it has the most tightly braided line among its braided lines. By the braid process, lines will have more abrasion resistance, but will lose some tensile strength. Upgrade has the improved abrasion resistance which gives super advantage on the line.
It has smooth surface and the smallest line diameter. It employs the most advanced filament, Ultra 2 PE, to achieve about 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra braided lines. On its surface, it has relatively thick coatings to prevent tangle and to protect line from abrasion. YGK WX braiding technology makes the line with the least stretch and tightest line body. The 8-strand body offers the smoothest line surface. Quality is proven. Hi-vis lime green, without markings, which is on the original Upgrade X8, to prevent line cutting for puffer fish to bite on them. Made in Japan.

Availability: In stock

Lb-test Kg-test JP Line # Dia mm Dia inch Mono lb test
(US) Equiv dia.
Spool Price Qty
14 6.3 0.6 0.131 0.0052 2 300m/330yds

16 7.2 0.8 0.153 0.006 2.5 300m

22 10 1 0.171 0.0067 3 300m

25 11.3 1.2 0.185 0.0073 3.5 300m

30 13.5 1.5 0.21 0.0083 4 300m

40 18 2 0.235 0.0093 6 300m

45 20 2.5 0.265 0.01 8 300m

50 23 3 0.285 0.011 10 300m

Jun's comment: I have tested the line, and found it is a great line with abrasion resistance. It looked like very soft braid with little guard, but it is not true. Its green coating make it super, in both casting and fighting. Due to the coating, I had experienced no line tangle for 3 days fishing trip for Pink Salmon in Hokkaido. This is amazing. I used to have many tangle problems including sudden line breaks, and I thought it was normal for soft braids. This line casts the same or longer than thin coat braids, and has no problem. And, it receives far less damage from rocks than other soft braided line like Daiwa Saltiga 8, Duel Super X-Wire and etc. Wow, this is a kind perfect. 16 Sep, 2017 by Jun

I have used this line #1-22lb in Canada on the 10-day trip for both river trout and pinks with only success. I landed about 15 pinks in Squamish and had no line break. I could cast 3.5g tiny spoons far with this line, and had so many hits. Kayo caught a 4kg King with the same line. Now all of my light spinning reels with from #0.6 to #1.5 braid lines are spooled only with YGK Upgrade X8. I love YGK Upgrade X8. 25 Aug, 2019 by Jun