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Knob compatibility

Basics: Daiwa and Shimano bait casters have the handles of the same 4mm diameter knob shaft, but 2.5mm difference in lengths. And, by adjusting the difference, you may install Shimano knobs onto Daiwa handles. Unfortunately, the vise-versa, Daiwa knobs on Shimano handles is not possible because of the dimension difference impossible to adjust.

1 Dimensions of knob shafts

1. Daiwa has 2.5mm longer part of shaft with the diameter of 4mm. The total length of the shaft are quite similar, and 27mm for Daiwa, and 27.5-28mm for Shimano. For Shimano knobs, the lower ball bearing should sit 2.5mm higher than Daiwa's.

2 How to install Shimano knobs onto Daiwa handle

To adjust the 2.5mm difference, the 4mm inner dia, 2.5mm thick collar is required. Some handle kit includes a plastic collar, like the white one for Avail ESD handle for left, but here I use another handle ball bearing, 4x7x2.5 with 4mm dia 2.5mm thick.

3 Adjust it rotate without friction, or movement on shaft

a. first I installed with the three bearings, knob bottom contacted to the handle shaft. Knob needs some spacer to float.
b. I inserted 2 thin metal washers to float the knob, and assembled it. However, then knob does not rotate light because of too less gap.
c. I decided to remove one. Now it doesn't contact to handle, and it rotates light, without any movement on shaft.

This Shimano/Daiwa conversion is not guaranteed, unless it is stated. Because Shimano knobs are made a little longer than Daiwa's, and you may not make it float well.

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