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How to change knobs

Here I explain how to change the handle knobs.

Before you purchase the tuning knobs, please check if your stock handle accept tuning knobs.

1 See if you may change knobs of your reels
1. Remove center cap using L shaped wire. The cap is just inserted.
2. If you see (+) Phillips screw, you may change knobs. For Shimano reels, the screw is brass flathead nut. And it is reverse threaded for Shimano right hand models sold before 2001. Reels sold after have regular thread nut. All Daiwa reels have normal thread screws.
2'. You may not change knobs when you see a brass rivet holding the knob. example, TD-X103H, and Shimano Scorpion 1000.


2 Change knobs
1. Remove (+) Phillips screw. Knob and ball bearings will be disassembled.
2. Some handle has only one ball bearing, and a bush is used instead. Please make sure you purchase the bearings if needed. Please apply oil to the bearings.
3. Re-assemble the handle with tuning knobs, and your reel looks much better.

Please insert the thin washers accompanied to the knobs, when you find the knob moves much on the shaft. It should not move more than 0.1mm. Accompanied washers are 0.1mm thick, and you may adjust the movement quite well.

Knobs do not come with bearings. Please order them together.

Question? Please  Email Jun