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Shimano 19 Antares 2019-

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Shimano 19 Antares 2019-

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Shimano high-end bait caster, Antares is to cast the longest and to operate the smoothest. You'll stunned by the casting distance with 1/2oz or heavier rigs with this new Antares. Antares now may work great with lighter 1/4oz-1/2oz range with accurate casting. The all new Antares employs the most advanced engineering technologies from Shimano. First, body size is a bit smaller than previous Antares reels, to fit better in palms. Thinner machined Magnum Light Spool 3 accelerate fast with no vibration. Spool diameter is 34mm, smaller than 36mm on previous models. Spool width is also a bit narrowed down to 19mm, to make the spool more suitable for casting regular 7-28g 1/4-1oz rigs better. Aluminum alloy body holds mechanicals solid and square, offering ultimate smooth and efficient cranking. Spool bearings are tuned to hold spool shaft without vibration. Micro module gears are much sophisticated, which has twice the number of gear teeth than previous models, to drastically reduce the gearing noise. Brake is variable SVS Infinite centrifugal system, and you may adjust the centrifugal brake without opening side plate. Freshwater only.



HandlespoolMicro moduleNew SVS infinitySilent tuned

Aluminum alloy Hagane body
Magnum Light Spool 3
Micro-module gears
Anti-rust treated ball bearings ARB
Super efficient X-SHIP gearing system
Clicking star drag
SVS infinite brake system (adjustable)
Corn shaped level winder inner
Line alarm when line is pulled out
Super free spool design
Forged 84mm handle
Made in Japan

Availability: In stock

Model Gear Ratio Weight gram/oz Ball Bearings Drag capacity kg Retrieve/turn cm/inch Handle length mm Line Capacity Price Qty
Antares, Right 6.2:1 220g/7.8oz 10+1 5 66 84 0.285mm(US10lb)-100m(110yds)

Antares L, Left 6.2:1 220g/7.8oz 10+1 5 66 84 0.285mm(US10lb)-100m(110yds)

Antares HG, Right 7.4:1 220g/7.8oz 10+1 5 79 84 0.285mm(US10lb)-100m(110yds)

Antares HG L, Left 7.4:1 220g/7.8oz 10+1 5 79 84 0.285mm(US10lb)-100m(110yds)

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Jun's comments: 19 Antares fits good in palms, and it is smaller than previous models. Silky smooth bait casting reel ever. SVS Infinite system offers the ultimate comfort in adjusting brake force for centrifugal system. Now Antares may cast with 7g 1/4oz, and it is advertised to cast the longest among Shimano bait casters with centrifugal brake. The previous 2012 model casts 99m with 5/8oz casting plug. Let's see how 19 Antares works.