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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Shimano knob chart

There are two knob sizes for Shimano reels, Shimano A and Shimano B. Most bait casting reels and spinning reels in the size of 1000-4000 have Shimano A. Large conventional reels and large off-shore spinning reels have Shimano B.

Shimano A       Shimano B

  Japan Model U.S. Export Model Knob Size
Casting reels Chronarch CI4   A
Stile   A
Grappler   A
Calcutta 50-400 (Conquest, original) Calcutta, CT, TE, D A
Antares Calais, DC A
Metanium Chronarch, Core A
Aldebaran Chronarch MG50 A
Scorpion (original, MG, XT) Curado 100-200 A
Cardiff   A
Speed master   A
Axis   A
11Ocea Calcutta   A
Engetsu   A
Curado 300 (H, TypeJ)   B
Jigger LD 2 speed   B
Dendo-maru, (Motor Powered)   B
Ocea Jigger (02, NR, EV)   None

Regular sized

Spinning reels

13Stella1000-4000 Stella FI A
12, 16Vanquish1000-4000   A
10Stella1000-4000 Stella FE A
07Stella1000-4000 Stella FD A
11TwinPower1000-4000 Sustain FG A
09TwinPowerMg1000-4000 Sustain FE A
08TwinPower1000-4000 Sustain FE A
06TwinPowerMg1000-4000 Sustain FE A
11Biomaster1000-5000 Stradic FJ1000-4000 A
08Biomaster1000-5000 Stradic FI1000-4000 A
06BiomasterMG1000-3000 Stradic FH A
08Biomaster L   A
09Ultegra1000-5000 Symetre FE A
05Ultegra Symetre FE A
10Ultegra Advance   A
07Ultegra Advance   A
Sephia, SS, Ci4   A
Complex   A
Exsence   A
Rarenium   A
Nasci   A


large spool spinning

AcerationSW3000-4000   A
13Stella SW4000-30000   B
08Stella SW4000XG-20000PG StellaSW5000-20000 B
15TwinPowerSW4000-14000   B
09TwinPowerSW4000XG-12000XG   B
10BiomasterSW6000-8000  Stradic6000-8000 B
08,11Biomaster6000-8000   B
14Spheros SW5000-8000   B
09Ultegra6000   B
AcerationSW6000-8000   B
Super Aero (11, 09, 08)   C
Power Aero Friegen   B
Bull's Eye XT   B
01Stella HG/PG (4000-20000)   None
02TwinPower 4000HG/PG   None
98Stella H (4000-10000)   None
98TwinPower H (4000-8000)   None


Shimano A: Ball bearing size Bottom and top 4mm(inner) x 7mm(outer) x 2.5mm(thickness)

Shimano B: Ball bearing size Bottom: 5mm(inner) x 9mm(outer) x 3mm(thickness)

                                                Top    : 4mm(inner) x 8mm(outer) x 4mm(thickness)


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