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High-quality fishing tackle directly from Japan to worldwide. All prices are in US$.

Japan Tackle

Welcom to JapanTackle new website. This is Jun Sonoda, owner of JapanTackle. I sincerely appreciate your long-term relationships with Japantackle since 2002.

I am testing and selecting products, offering them to customers and consulting customers for how to upgrade tackles. I will continue dealing with high quality products available in Japan from wide range of manufacturers, for example, from large manufacturers like Shimano, to small hand-crafting manufacturers like Avail, Extreme. Please email for technical questions, recommendations, trade and anytime you want to talk with me.

Hope you enjoy the new features added, like the functions to check your previous orders.

I appreciate you notifying me when you find any place to improve JapanTackle by Email Jun.

Best regards,  


Jun Sonoda and team JapanTackle