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YGK Yoz-ami Y knotter, easy FG knotter

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YGK Yoz-ami Y knotter, easy FG knotter Braid-leader knotter with 90% tie strength

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Yoz-ami Y knotter allows you to tie PE braid and mono-filament leader with FG knot at 90% tie strength without failure. It is handy sized knot helping tool easy to use. Suitable for ultra thin PE braid 5lb to up to 60lb and mono-leader of 3lb to 40lb.

FG knotConventional FG knot
FG knot is the most used knot by offshore anglers for its high strength, 90% and its small knot, smoothly running through guide rings. Braid lines are wrapping over leader in turn. Above is the overview to make FG knot. It looks easy in the picture, but it is NOT. Now you don't have to wrap lines on your fingers and make tiny crisscrosses on the line. Y knotter does the trick making 16 crisscrossing by 4 levers, and you just tighten it up.  

How to use the Y knotter. I will later post pictures for better under standing.
1. Open the body, and lay baid main line through two grooves by folding it.
2. Close the body, and turn 4 levers on it in turn from the one with dial side.
3. Insert leader mono into the center hole, and stop it at the end washer, and at the dial.
4. Turn 4 levers back, and pull braid gently, a little swinging braid to tighten knot.
5. Now FG knot is made, and stop excess braid around mono and mail together with about 5-10 half hitches.
6. Done. Cut excess lines.

Availability: Out of stock

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