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Megabass Vision 110 Oneten LBO, linear bearing oscillation weight moving jerk baits

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Megabass Vision 110 Oneten LBO, linear bearing oscillation weight moving jerk baits

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Once the closely-guarded secret of the pros, the 110 has quickly become money bait in the USA, and now LBO2, linear bearing oscillation weight moving system (PAT) offers smooth, friction free weight moving for fast action return. This killer bait is finished with three out-barb treble hooks for increased hooking.The 110 excels when the water temps are between 38 to 70 F degrees. At the water temp (from November to April in most U.S. waters), the 110 is an excellent choice, when bass is picky in choosing its preys. The 110 is also known to be deadly around boat docks in the heat of the summer.
The 110 is at its best when fished with braided line in tests of 6lb. to 15lb. It dives to 6 ft. on 6lb. line, and it does to 4 ft. on 15lb. line.

Vision 110 LBO: 110mm, 14g, 4-1/4'', 1/2oz
Vision 110 Jr. :98mm 4", 3/8oz, 10g

Availability: Out of stock

Jun's comment: Differences and how to use Megabass jerk baits

Besics: Jerk baits should swim just above the weed top. Pause should be longer when fish are slow.

Oneten original: After it lands on water, please retrieve it about 3m 10ft to make it dive 1m 3ft. Then please jerk it with two short, like 50cm 2feet strokes, and wait up to 3 seconds. Please do not jerk it too strong. Soft jerking is enough.

Oneten Jr. : It should be use as the smaller version of Oneten original, when your games are feeding on smaller baits. Jerk twice, wait up to 3 seconds.

Oneten Plus one +1: It dives and darts more vividly with a little less wobbling than Oneten original. The benefit of +1 is it dives to 1.8m 6ft easily. Due to the less wobbling, you will feel less dragging on line at jerking.

Ito Shiner: Strong wobbling, strong darting. It stops at a little head-up positions, and moving weight inside goes back. At the next jerking, the weight balls move forward making large rattle noise. The large noise is said to attract bass from deep.

Oneten Magnum SP 130mm: It is not working like other Oneten series jerk baits listed on this section. It makes slow-pitch natural wobbling/rolling actions, and it is effective when fish are very slow, when water temperature is low. Please retrieve it very slow, as you don't feel wobble from the bait on rod. Bait is making natural acitons to catch.

Oneten High-float: It is productive when weeds are very close to surface, and manipulated on surface as top-water baits.