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Mahi,Tuna selection by Jun
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Mahi,Tuna selection by Jun

Mahi/ Tuna bait selection by Jun

Mahi fishing tips.

I recommend around 1oz top-water baits for the most exciting game fishing. You search mahi by visual, and you may see all the process to catch.

Mahi lives in relatively hot water, around 23 celcius degree and higher. To find mahi, find floating objects, current rips and birds. She likes floating objects like driftwoods, floating seaweeds and debris, and they are often found at current rips. Birds are indicating preys are under surface, and large fish like mahi are often found when birds are flocking.  You may find mahi also visually directly by standing at the nose of boats.

Floating pencil baits with vivid-fast dog-walk action with splash are most effective. The dog-walking action is imitating their favorite prey, flying fish, is just escaping from Mahi to sky. Please make dog-walk slowly at first, then fasten it gradually after you see Mahi chasing after it. And, it is very important, you make a super-fast vivid dog-walking action and sub-second pause at 15m/yards from boat, and bang! Mahi may not resist to bite the bait. Once your bait is close to boat less 10m 10y, please retrieve bait before fish gets nervous to boat, and wait mahi get away from boat and ready to chase baits. Please stand as high position on boat as possible to see how they react to baits. Mahi makes herd and rush to baits.

mahi on hook

Sinking pencils and jerking baits are effective when Mahi are not much chasing top-water baits, and when floating pencil baits are hard to manipulate under such conditions like high waves and in strong winds. These baits are quite effective regardless of conditions.

Poppers are effective when Mahi are very attacking. They are fast to catch only high-charged Mahi. Popping with short stroke and large splash is very effective.

For hooks, please use very sharp high quality saltwater hooks like, ST-46 from Cultiva. At last, you'll need a very high quality polarized glasses to find mahi. With out them, you may not find mahi or catch them unless you are lucky.

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