YGK Ultra Jig Man X8 braided lines (PE spectra, super premium) (soft body, thin coating)

Among the braided lines in market, this Ultra Jig Man X8 has the smoothest surface and the smallest line diameter. It has 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra braided lines in the same diameter. The material is upgraded to Ultra Dyneema, and the line is constructed by 8 strands. The small diameter line is essential for deep water jig fishing, where thinner lines will cut through current to reach target range faster. This smooth line casts well. The diameter is about a fifth of monofilament lines, and weight ratio is 0.98 lighter than water. Adding to the great profiles of the PE braided lines, this line is colored by every 10meter (11yds). Made in Japan.

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100m

For lines 8lb-25lb, please see YGK PE Compact

JP Line # LB-test Equiv. Mono lb-test Dia mm Dia " Spool Price
2 33 6 0.235 0.009 200m 220y $95 sold
3 47 8 0.285 0.011 200m 220y $82 sold
4 62 12 0.33 0.013 200m 220y $67 sold

Jun's comment: This YGK Ultra Jig Man X8 braided line is superb line. I don't feel any braid noise from rod guides while retrieving. I trust it, and strongly recommend it for light offshore fishing.

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